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Wednesday, March 30th, 2005
1:10 pm
Today Ana and I are going to Starbucks, and she is going to teach me croatian!
I've always wanted to learn, so this will be a good opportunity for me to learn that.

Dan hasn't called me back. But that's ok because he is an ASSHOLE.
And he's french. And french people suck.

What a cowardly PUSSY.

He cant ever keep promises!!!!
Monday, March 14th, 2005
2:28 pm
1) Name: Divna
2) Sex: Female
3) Birthday: July 19, 1988
4) Height: 5'4"
5) Weight: Ya...let's not go there.
6) Hair color: Reddish blonde
7) Eye color: Blue-green
8) Ethnic background: As Chris would say...I'm about as white as they get.
8a) Religion: Eh...
9) Birthplace: Ft.Campbell, KY
10) Hometown: shouldn't that be the same place as your birthplace? but ya, Clarksville, TN
11) Father's name: Marko
12) Mother's name: Olga
13a) Sibling(s): Petar and Miran
13b)Best Friend (s): Meg


14) Song: I'll just name 5 favorites-- "Woman Like a Man" -Damien Rice, "Time of Your Life" -Greenday, "Eastern Glow" -The Album Leaf, "Something Pretty" -Patrick Park, "Age Six Racer" -Dashboard Confessional
15) Band/singer: Damien Rice, Dashboard Confessional, Howie Day, Maroon 5, Something Corporate, Yellowcard, Death Cab for Cutie, etc...
16) Actor: Ryan Gosling, Ryan Philippe, Johnny Depp, ADAM BRODY, Benjamin McKenzie
17) Actress: Mischa Barton, Rachel Bilson, Katie Winslet, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Rachel McAdams
18) Movie: The Notebook, Cruel Intentions, Romeo & Juliet, Garden State, Wicker Park, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
The 19) Book: The Perks of Being a Wallflower, The DaVinci Code, Pieces, Enchantment, I'm loving Wuthering Heights right now...
20) Author: Edgar Allan Poe, Stephen Chbosky
21) Clothing brand name: GAP, AE, Hollister, A&F, Forever 21...mmm I <3 how my favorite stores match with my favorite brands, and Calvin Klein...best jeans.
22) Animal: Cats and rabbits
23) Day of the week: Friday and Saturday
24) Color: Pink, blue, and green
25) Food: I like breakfast foods, baked goods, and frosted flakes with no milk
26) Class in school: Enviornmental Science and French...I like English too
26a) Future profession: psychologisht, physical therapist, ooorr real estate
27) Store: All my stores at the mall and in NYC, the ones that I've been in just be themselves to make the list short: Amsterdam, Strawberry, and H&M
28) City: NYC, Paris (i wanna go!), Orange County!
29) Country: France, Italy, Greece
30) Vacation spot: NYC, Outer Banks, Cedar City, Smith Mt.Lake
31) Sport: Cheerleading, dance, tennis
32) Game [as in "board", or otherwise]: Clue!
33) Car: Jetta and Cabrio!
34) Internet site: LJ of course
35) Ice cream flavor: World Class Chocolate
36) Season: Summer...how I miss it.
37) Month: All summer months.
38) Holiday: Christmas. My Birthday.
39) Flower: Rose, lily
40) Cartoon: I don't watch cartoons
41) TV show: The OC, Boy Meets World, Laguna Beach, Dawson's Creek...cause I am such a teenage girl.
42) Fictional character: Marissa, Summer, Seth, and Ryan from The OC
43) Perfume/cologne: Lilu
44) Hobby: hanging out with my friends, going to the beach, shopping
45) Flavor: ...?
46) Scent: the smell after a summer thunderstorm with the heavy sort of air
47) Quote: "No one worth possessing can quite be possessed"
48) Word: definetly


49) Hot or cold: warm.
50) Sweet or sour: sweet
51) Spicy or bland: spicy
52) Fast or slow: depends
53) Black or white: both.
54) Half-full or half-empty: half full
55) Long or short: long
56) More or less: more
57) Soft or hard: soft
58) Rough or smooth: smooth
59) Air, land or sea: sea
60) Light or dark: light
61) Straight or curly: straight
62) Straight or curvy: both
63) Large or small: both
64) Fat or thin: thin
65) E-mail or letter: Letter
66) Phone or instant message: Phone.
67) Day or night: Both.
68) Breakfast, lunch or dinner: brekafast
69) Past, present or future: present and future
70) Radio or CD: CD
71) MTV or VH1: MTV
72) Brush or comb: brush
73) Slide, see-saw or swings: swings
74) Doing or watching: both.
75) Mind or body: both.
76) Consciousness, subconsciousness or unconsciousness:consciousness
77) Feet or hands: uhh..
78) Water or juice: Water
79) Ocean or pool: Ocean
80) Treadmill or road: road.
81) Speaker-phone or hand-held: speaker-phone
82) AIM or ICQ: AIM
83) Rain or shine: depends. favorable to shine though.
84) Cat or dog: Both.
85) Innie or outie: Innie.
86) Inside or outside: Outside when it's warm, inside when it's cold.
87) Up/high or down/low: Up/high
88) Closet or dresser-drawers: Closet
89) Bed frame or only mattress: Both.
90) Silver or gold: silver


91) Are you Hetero-/Homo-/Bi-sexual?: Hetero
92) Are you in love?: Yup
93) Are you in a relationship?: Yep
94) Are you a virgin?: Yes.
95) Have you gotten your first kiss?: Yep.
96) Do you have a crush?: lol somethig like that
97) Do you enjoy being in love/having a crush?: Sometimes
98) What form of birth control do/would you use?: What a weird question
99) How far have you gone with a "lover"?: I decline to answer.
100) Would/did you have sex before marriage?: Maybe not but possibly
101) Do you believe in hookups (sexual relations without emotion)?: Eh...I don't know.
102) Have you ever had a hookup?: If you mean 'had sex hookup', then no.
103) Is there a difference between a crush and being in love?: Yes.
104) Do you believe in love at first sight?: Not really.
105) Do you believe in true love?: Sure, why not.
106) Can long-distance relationships work?: I'll tell you in a couple years
107) Have you ever had a long-distance relationship?: yea, i'm in one
108) What of online relationships?: I'm gonna with no
109) Have you ever been married?: No.
110) Have you ever been divorced?: No.
111) Have you ever been in love?: Yes.
112) If so, how many times?: I'm gonna go with one, but I reaaaaally liked this other guy.
113) Have you had sex in the past and regretted it?: No and No.
114) Have you fallen in love in the past and regretted it?: I'll tell you in a couple years...
115) How old were you when you got your first kiss?: 13.
116) How old were you when you had sex for the first time?: N/A
117) Have you ever broken someone's heart?: I think so
118) Have you ever sexually harassed someone?: No.
119) Have you ever been sexually harassed yourself?: no, not really
120) Have you ever been jealous of a friend for their boy/girlfriend?: Yea, best friend dated my boyfriend...just a tad jealous at that point.
121) Have you ever been jealous of your boy/girlfriend's "close" friend(s)?: No?
122) Have you ever been jealous of your boy/girlfriend's ex-?: Yes
123) Have you ever gotten back together with an ex-?: Yea...don't do that...doesn't work
124) Have you ever gotten together with a friend's ex-?: I guess Josh technically was Meg's ex.
125) Have you ever had a crush on a teacher?: Nah
126) Have you ever been in love with someone so much that you've cried over them?: Just cause I was in love with them? No.
127) What's the most affection you deem appropriate for public?: holding hands, hugs, maybe a small kiss...I'm not big on PDAs
128) Have/would you ever see(n) an "X"-rated movie?: Noope
129) Do you enjoy French-kissing?: Who doesn't? lol
130) Do you keep a picture of your beloved somewhere?: Yea, I have pictures of everyone
131) Would you (honestly) sacrifice your life for your beloved?: I'd prolly put most of my close friend before me
132) Have/would you ever use whipped cream, hot wax, et cetera, in a sexual act?: Yeea..no.
133) What do you look for in a lover (physically)?: There needs to be some sort of physical attraction...there has to be something that keeps me interested...I should want to look at them.
134) What do you look for in love (mentally/emotionally)?: Honesty, sense of humor, I want them to want me ya know?, someone I can just talk with, they have to have class, manners, drive, I want to be able to fight with them...weird huh?
135) Do cherries or strawberries have any sexual meaning for you?: no, they're just fruit.
136) Have you ever dumped someone?: lol yeeeaaa...
137) Have you ever been dumped?: Once. Never again.
138) Have you ever had your heart broken?: I've been upset over a break up
139) Are you (honestly) afraid of commitment?: I think I just get bored
140) Are you attracted to people with accents?: Mm hmm...cute little souther drawls? Love it!
141) Have you ever had sexual relations in public?: No, I have some class, thank you.
142) Do you have a memento from a previous relationship?: Yes.
143) Is there a certain smell, sight, sound, or taste that reminds you of a lover?: Sure.


144) Do you enjoy living in your town?: No, not really...sometimes
145) Do you smoke?: No.
146) Do you drink?: I need to start
147) How often do you shower?: Everyday
148) Do people you live with complain about the water bill because of the lengths of your showers?: No.
149) Do you trust others easily?: Yea, I'm pretty trusting I guess
150) Have you ever lied to a friend?: hasn't everyone?
151) Are you trustworthy?: for my friends, yes.
152) Are you anyone's secret-keeper?: Oh yes.
153) Are you a daredevil?: depends
154) Have/would you skydive?: I definetly would.
155) Have/would you bungee jump?: I definetly would. But only over water.
156) Have/would you play "Chicken"?: nah
157) If granted one wish, what would it be?: To have Junior Year be over.
158) Do you like to dance?: live for it
159) Which do you prefer -- slow or fast dancing?: slow but 'fast is fun.'
160) Do you like to swim?: yes.
161) Do you make friends easily?: usually...not this year I guess
162) If so, where do you most often make friends?: school mainly
163) Do you color your hair?: nope.
164) Do you wear makeup?: yea
165) Are you a person who lies a lot?: nope, but i do it really well
166) What religion do you practice, if any?: i don't really practice one anymore...couple of people made me reconsider some values that they teach *cough ben and josh*
167) Do you like high heels?: yup!
168) Are you homophobic?: nah, not really
169) Do you like to travel?: love it
170) Granted you are American, have you ever been out
of the states?: nope, wish i had though
171) Do you own any pets?: yea, a cat
172) Do you have a cell phone/pager?: <3 the cell phone
173) Do like amusement parks?: heck yes.
174) If so, what is your favorite park/ride?: Busch Gardens...miss it!
175) Do you collect anything?: uhh..
176) Do you enjoy having your picture taken?: lol yea (haha meg don't take my picture *snap* don't take my picture!)
177) Do you keep your room/apartment/dorm clean?: yea, when i have the time, i get annoyed when it's not
178) Do you get annoyed easily?: see above, yea.
179) Would you consider yourself a depressed person?: no.
180) Have you ever been to a concert?: *sad face* nooo
181) If so, who/what did you see?: yea...i'm lame.
182) Have you ever performed in public?: Yea
183) Do you have any piercings?: yup...need some more
184) Do you have any tattoos?: no.
185) Do you dream often?: yes.
186) Do you frequently daydream?: sometimes.
187) Do you have a job?: no.
188) What was your first job?: n/a
189) Do you have any health problems?: Muscle spasms in my ribs and inflammed joints on my sternum...not really.
190) Are you a vegetarian?: no. used to be. that was a bust.
191) Have you ever been in a crash?: no
192) Have you ever had a near-death experience?: nope
193) Have you ever won anything?: yes.
194) Do you play a musical instrument?: sort of
195) Have you ever had someone close to you die?: yes.
196) Have you ever broken a bone?: two of my toes...nothing crucial
197) Have you ever had stitches?: no
198) Do you have any scars?: yes.
199) Have you ever had major surgery?: nope
200) What is your earliest memory?: getting caught kissing in a closet...or falling down the stairs i can't remember which was first
201) Have you ever gotten in a physical fight?: nope
202) What is your dream job?: owning my own firm
203) Do you plan on having kids?: kind of
204) What phrase do you use the most?: "I know right" "You're so lucky you get to see/hear *something goofy about me* everyday."
205) Have you meet/do you know anyone famous?: kind of
206) Do you carry a wallet/purse?: purse! it's huge currently
207) Have you ever baby-sat?: yes.
208) In what position do you sleep?: on my stomach or on my side with my arm under my pillow
) Have you ever fallen asleep on someone else's bed?: duh
210) Have you ever fallen asleep on someone else?: yea
211) Do you put on a front for anyone?: lol...yea...like everyday
212) Do you cry?: i'm blob of emotion
213) Do you have a pen-pal?: no.
214) If so, how long have you been communicating?: n/a
215) Do you have friends in other parts of the world?: yes.
216) Have you ever gotten in trouble with the police?: nope
217) Have you ever committed a felony?: no.
218) Do you believe in fate?: to a certain degree
219) Have you ever been skinny-dipping?: no
220) Do you believe in yourself?: most of the time.
221) What kind of pin-ups do you have on your walls?: i don't have anything on my walls yet
222) What is the background on your computer screen of?: Ryan Gosling
223) What languages do you know?: English, a little French
224) Have you ever visited another country?: no
225) Have you ever needed to call 911?: no.
226) Do you have a sweet-tooth?: yea :D
227) What restaurant do you enjoy going to the most?: DuClaws
228) Have you ever ridden a motorcycle?: no! and my dad frickin has one!
229) Do you own a motorcycle, and if so, what kind?: indirectly i gues, the family does
230) Have you ever committed a misdemeanor?: no...i'm boring...is underage drinking one?
231) Do you consider yourself organized?: yea usually
232) Have you ever fainted?: yea, in dance class
233) Do you wear a watch?: nope
234) Do you wear any jewelry?: yup always
235) Did you enjoy climbing trees when you were younger?: nope, never climbed a tree
236) Have you ever driven through a cornfield?: lol yes
237) Do you have pictures around the frame of your mirror?: i have two
238) Has an airline ever lost your luggage?: no,thankfully
239) Do you read the comics?: uh no.
240) Do you read the opinion page?: nope
241) Do you read the sports section?: nope
242) Do you spend money more than you save it?: seeing how i'm broke...i'm gonna with yes.
243) Have you ever read/bought something "just for the articles"?: sure?
244) Do you believe in aliens?: no.
245) Do you believe in God, the Devil, heaven or hell?: yes.
246) Do you believe in reincarnation?: eh...i dunno
247) If so, what/who do you think you were in your past life?: n/a
248) What period in history are you most intrigued by?: 18th and 19th Century
249) If you died now, could you leave happily?: I'm not done yet. The best part of my life is just around the corner.
250) The survey is over! Are you still breathing?: could i type this answer if I wasn't?
2:16 pm

Current Mood: anxious
Thursday, March 10th, 2005
2:25 pm
I work at the beach in the summer and the time is drawing near. I was wondering if anyone can point me to some songs that have to do with the ocean, sand or the beach. That would be very helpful!

When I compile it, I'll list it here!

Friday, January 14th, 2005
2:22 pm
i hate feeling this way, it becomes hard tying to decipher which is real and which is forced. complete apathy has moved in, taking total control of me, tossing out everything that was one cherished and sane. it is so hard. yes, you are right...i wanna be adored. why does lust make you helpless? why does desire destroy your will? lust by definition should be void of any logic...reason...emotion. oh it is stupid and i just need to feel loved because i forget what it is like. i want someone to call me because they want to...talk to me because they care. kiss me because...it is important. aaaagh. shut the fuck up. get back to reality. it does not happen because it does not exist. there is nothing you can do. this is really foolish. you sound like an idiot. ....this life is not for you. because you are a weirdoooooooooooooooooooo. it is funny when you read over what i just wrote. i am child...living this fantasy. you can't change it..,and i talk in circles. and i talk in circles. this LJ world is certainly therapeutic. i am in lust...i've had this before. a drug. i crave another hit. then i walk away withered, wasted. eeeeeeeeeee. maybe i need real drugs. i feel better now. though it came out horribly, i got out some of the annoying thoughts at the moment. fuck a fuck.
Tuesday, January 4th, 2005
11:15 am
Haircut next Tuesday.
Praise the lord.
It'll be short like whoa.
My dad's being homosexual about the streaks I want. I'd just go out and do it anyway, but I don't have shit to pay for it. Blah. Blah. Blah.

Dye it back black or try red? Like purple red. Whoa.
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